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The environment is very important to us. That is why we are committed to the environment and sustainability. So that we can enjoy nature in the long term, we have taken various measures on our campsite.


Many wild animals live on and around the campsite. For example, our campers are regularly visited by foxes and deer walk past the edge of the campsite. Every day we see several squirrels and a variety of birds. 

We try to help the insects on the campsite, among other things by putting up insect houses. We also don't mow some parts of the campsite and leave deadwood in some places. Because dead wood is an important food source and habitat for numerous fungi, insects and microorganisms.


We have several bee colonies on our campsite. Beekeeping is a wonderful and sustainable activity that we are proud to practise at Camping Braunlage.

Our own bees produce delicious honey and we also make candles from real beeswax. Through these activities, we actively contribute to environmental protection, as bees play a crucial role in the pollination of plants, which contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.

Waste sorting

At our campsite we try to separate waste as much as possible and we encourage our guests to do the same. Because the waste separation ensures that the waste can be better recycled. 

Electricity & Gas

In order to reduce our electricity and gas consumption, the lighting on the campsite is limited to the essentials. A limited number of lampposts are illuminated at night and the lighting in the sanitary building is controlled by a motion detector. In addition, we have replaced all lamps with LED lights.

In the future we would like to install solar panels on the campsite to generate our own energy. 


At our campsite we have our own water source and  therefore try to save as much water as possible. We do that, for example in the sanitary building, by using waterless urinals. Wherever possible, we also use rainwater to water the plants on the campsite. 

Observe stars

Stargazing in the Harz Mountains is an impressive experience that you shouldn't miss. Far away from the city lights, the Harz Mountains offer a clear night sky that is ideal for stargazing. At our campsite in Braunlage, you have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the starry sky.

The clear air and tranquil surroundings of the Harz are not only ideal for astronomy, but also a sign of an intact environment. By preserving the natural darkness, we contribute to the protection of nocturnal animals and the reduction of light pollution.


We have planted new trees on our campsite in recent years and intend to continue planting new trees in the future. It's nice to see nature recovering and new trees and plants growing everywhere. 

Our campsite is in the middle of the Harz National Park. The national park is also committed to nature. Visit the national park website for more information. 

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